Automated Gate Maintenance, Repairs and Service Plans

Let us help prolong the life of your gate automation system and discover what a difference having uninterrupted and reliable service can make.

With Smart Access Solutions you could be doubling the life of your gate automation system.  Here’s how.

In our experience, a quality gate automation system can last anywhere between five to 10 years before needing replacement with the lifespan largely dependent on how well the system has been maintained over the years.

And it’s not just the repair and replacement costs that you need to worry about…

Like any machinery, automated gates that aren’t working can cause expensive interruptions to your business.  Here at Smart Access Solutions, you have a wide range of service, maintenance and repair options, including our competitive Maintenance and Service Programs (MSPs).

About our Automated Gate Maintenance and Service Programs

To give you peace of mind, our preventative maintenance program ensures your gate automation system performs and lasts as long as possible.

You have a choice of frequency depending on usage, and our service contracts may include:

  • Comprehensive repairs
  • Pre-planned and preventative maintenance to ensure the performance and longevity of your gate automation system as well as compliance to Health and Safety requirements
  • QR code/asset code service bookings
  • Clients who purchase an ongoing service program with their purchase of new
    gate automation hardware get the benefit of an extended 24-month warranty
    coverage for their gate motor and controller.

You are also sent a report after each planned service.  Should any additional work be required, we will send you a quote, and will not act on it until we’re received your approval.

Starting from just $330 per year, Smart Access Solutions’ Maintenance and Service Programs are packed with exceptional value with service provided by a professional and dedicated technical team.

Request a detailed MSP brochure for further details, pricing and what’s included in your scheduled maintenance visit.

For ease and convenience, ‘no-messing-around’ maintenance and service plan bookings with asset service codes

A scan for service QR code is placed on each asset covered by the plan which when scanned with a smartphone INSTANTLY lets you see service history or log a priority service call.

We will call you back to you as soon as possible to book a suitable time for one of our trained technicians to attend your business, site or home.

How often should automated gates be maintained?

As a rough rule of thumb, services are generally recommended annually, biannually or quarterly, depending on type and frequency of use.

As a guide only, you may expect to service your automated gate as follows:

Private residential driveways

Apartment block/medium usage blocks
Twice per year and

Heavy usage commercial gate systems
3-4 times per year.

Our team can guide you on the most suitable frequency for your usage levels and setting.

What if I need an automated gate repair or service and don’t want a service plan?

If you prefer to book and only pay when you need the service, all you need to do is call 1300 889 882 or contact us here.

We offer competitive servicing rates and our technicians aim to carry out the repair or service in just one visit wherever possible, carrying a wide range of common parts.