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At Smart Access Solutions, we are dedicated to enhancing the safety and security of commercial and industrial properties with cutting-edge automatic security gates. With over 40+ years of combined expertise in the field, our team is adept at delivering solutions that meet the highest standards of reliability and efficiency. Our commitment to quality has been recognised with various top tier customers and industry certifications, making us a trusted partner in securing your business assets. You can rest assured that when you engage with us, you are securing your business for years to come.

Types of Commercial Security Gates

Commercial Sliding Gates

Our commercial sliding gates offer robust security and are ideal for properties with limited space. These gates are designed with commercial-grade materials, ensuring they withstand the rigours of daily use without compromising functionality. They can be integrated with advanced access control systems, providing a seamless security solution.

Commercial Swing Gates

Elegant yet secure, our swing gates are a popular choice for businesses looking for both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Suitable for wide entrances, these gates ensure smooth and reliable operation with options for both manual and automatic controls.

Commercial Boom Gates

Ideal for managing vehicle access in areas like parking lots and checkpoints, our boom gates are an essential part of any commercial security system. They offer quick operation and can be integrated with ticketing systems or employee access cards for efficient traffic management.

Benefits of Using Commercial Security Gates

Enhanced Security

Our gates are built with durability and resistance in mind, providing a physical barrier against unauthorised access and potential intruders.

High security gates

Our high-security gates are designed to deliver superior protection without compromising speed. With an impressive opening and closing time of 600mm per second, these gates ensure rapid, efficient access control for areas that receive a high-level of traffic, and require a high level of security.

Access Control

Our gates offer a range of access control options, from keypads and card readers to biometric systems, ensuring that only authorised personnel can enter your premises. Access control options from Smart Access Solutions include:

Traffic Flow Management

Especially beneficial in commercial environments with heavy traffic, our gates allow for efficient movement while ensuring security protocols are maintained.

Visual Deterrent

The presence of automatic security gates serves as a deterrent to potential trespassers, significantly lowering the risk of security breaches.

Why Choose Commercial Electric Gates From Smart Access Solutions?

Smart Access Solutions stands out as a leader in commercial security solutions. Our products are not only robust and reliable, but also tailored to meet the unique needs of each business we work with. Our gates are designed to offer the best in security and operational efficiency, ensuring your business is protected around the clock. We pride ourselves on expert installations, comprehensive after-sales service, and competitive pricing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What types of commercial security gates do you offer?
      We provide a comprehensive range of commercial security gates, including:
      1. Sliding gates
      2. Swing gates
      3. Boom gates

      Each type is designed to meet specific operational and aesthetic needs, ensuring we can offer a customised solution for any business setting. Our gates come with various automation and access control options to enhance security and convenience for your commercial property.

    2. How do your commercial security gates enhance security?
      Our commercial security gates are constructed with high-quality materials and incorporate advanced technology to ensure robust security. The gates act as a physical barrier to unauthorised access and are integrated with modern access control systems like card readers, keypads, or biometric scanners. This multi-layer security approach helps to prevent unauthorised entry and protect your assets effectively
    3. Can commercial security gates be customised to fit specific site requirements?Absolutely! We understand that each site has unique security needs and spatial constraints, which is why we offer customised gate solutions. Our team of experts will assess your site and provide recommendations on the best type of gate, materials, and access control features that fit your specific requirements. Customisation can include dimensions, materials, design, and integrated technology options.
    4. What after-sales services do you provide for commercial security gates?

We are committed to ensuring your security gates operate effectively long after installation. Our after-sales services include regular maintenance checks, emergency repairs, and technical support to ensure your gates remain in optimal condition. We also offer training for your staff on how to operate the gates safely and efficiently, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your security investment.

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