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Boom Gates Sydney

Boom Barrier Gates - Vehicle Access Control System

If you are looking to acquire the best protection, security and high traffic control in Sydney, then  consider using Smart Access as your preferred Boom gates Sydney installation Specialist.

Boom gate is a kind of bar that is pivoted in your gate that initially helps to block the access to vehicles through an individual controlled point. There are different types of boom gates that are powered and also automatic and there are even those which are operated manually. In most cases, boom gates are used in preference of sliding and swing gate and are used to secure your home or office against unauthorized vehicles that would enter your premises.

Why Choose Us For Your Boom Gates In Sydney?

Smart Access Solution is the ideal solution for all your security related issues thus we have total safe access control of medium to high transit environments such as hotels, shopping malls, banks as well as blocks of flats, campsites and companies, which always in the day require access control of car parking areas, to ensure their use we have boom gates which can let enter to authorized people only. Our boom gate products offer a complete variety of range of models for the problem-free control of all the different sized openings up to 8m in conditions of absolute safety and total reliability.
At Smart Access Solution Sydney we distinguish ourselves from the rest in Sydney because of our versatility and reliability in operations. We at Smart Access Solution bag a very much reputed place in the boom gates Sydney market because of our most comprehensive array of automatic boom gates Sydney. Whether you want a boom gate in Sydney for different purposes like your commercial uses or residential needs, we have covered every area of it all for you.

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Automatic Boom Gates - Barrier Gates Designs Sydney

When it comes to Automatic or Manual boom gates we have every option to suit your needs with security and safety obligations. We only supply and install the most reliable & sophisticated Boom gates in Sydney to date, with a 2 year warranty on all products. If your after pricing or more information on a boom gate that would suit your needs give us a call today and experience the difference with Smart Access Solutions.

We are proudly partnered with Beninca Australia as they are the most renowned brand in the automation industry with their reliability and high quality automation products.

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Automatic Boom Gates
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Automatic Boom Gates
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LADY Series Up to a 5 metre passage
Considering the Benefits of Boom Gate?
Increased security

Boom gates in Sydney are installed in almost all the parking lots, as well as in residential buildings, and commercial spaces. Thus, they allow vehicle infiltration and make it easy so that all the entry and exit points or any vehicle can be managed for security easily.

Controlled vehicle access

Boom gates are used in deploying an advanced vehicle infiltration and authentication technology for the best protection and control over heavy traffic. No vehicle can bypass the authentication of our reliable boom barriers in Sydney.


Automatic boom gates used in Sydney allow maximum comfort and ease for security personnel. Our automatic boom gates Sydney will not allow your vehicle access unless the system properly authenticates it.

Boom gates Sydney
How Do Boom Gates Work?

Automobile parking management system is a problem in many locations. Vehicle safety devices are used to achieve safety in vehicle parking management. A boom barrier is also known as a gate barrier carries a pole that hangs to one endpoint at a vertical boom which is offset by some distance. The boom ascends and descends by making use of a geared motor that ensures gradual procedure and additionally the pole is counter top weighed to support the distribution of weight.