Automatic Rising Bollards

Types of Rising Bollards

If you're looking for Safety Bollards or Removable Bollards or Car Park Bollards for your workplace or facility in Sydney. Bollards are the perfect fit for both Safety & Security in any workplace which are two very important aspects for any workplace and Sydney business. Bollards are actually a legal requirement for accessible parking via shared zones and for preventing obstruction of the fire egress doors. The standard powder coat color of bollards for safety is yellow. There are many types of Bollards like:
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What are bollards?

A bollard is a short and small vertical post. Bollards are basically used to separate vehicles from pedestrians and then protect high-cost structures or objects from gradually damage by moving vehicles. Bollards vary in height and also in diameter depending on the degree of security that is required. They are a because specialty product that targets a specific task or threat.

Security bollards are a very fundamental and basic part of a perimeter security solution, designed to physically stop unauthorized vehicles in order from entering or exiting the site. It not only acts and gives security as a physical barrier but also as a visual deterrent.

Removable bollards are basically that can retract or be removed. Removable ones are installed and taken away with ease, thus allowing full control over security. Removable bollards have an advantage over boom gates and also from steel gates as they operate across large areas and driveways, and they are practically are a strong visual deterrent, provide better strength and operation, but to bollards provide premium security protection. Bollards can actually operate as an independent security system or also be installed with other security products including automatic gates, or sliding gates, bike racks and electric gates.

Bollards in Sydney and Their Installation

Bollards are made from various materials Powder Coated Steel, or Stainless, Plastic, Concrete Filled Steel & Timber.
Sydney Bollards specialise in not only related to selling bollards of different types and sizes, but also are equipped in bollards installation. Bollards also not only protect you from thieves but in ram-raids they also protect sidewalks, doors, outdoor patios waiting/smoking areas, and buildings.

Bollards are used in many ways and in a lot of different installation scenarios, likewise to manage the flow of traffic and also at the same time to prohibit vehicle access. It also keeps pedestrians protected, protects property and then keeps the vehicles safe whether bollards installed in public streets, or in-car parking and the same goes for private property. Bollards are a way to address the issues causing the increased exposure nowadays and the risk of incident locations by then determining and preventing vehicles from encroaching into your safety zone.