Access control systems.

Harnessing the latest technology to make accessing driveways, carparks and buildings a breeze…..for the RIGHT people!

Be in Control of Who’s Coming and Going

The days of continually running back and forth monitoring car parks and personally letting in customers, staff and visitors into your building or site are, thankfully, long gone.

Today, there are better ways.

Complement your security gate, boom gate, bollards and car park automation systems with access controls designed to open, close, monitor and save you precious time, personnel and effort, including:

  • Swipe cards
  • Keypads
  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems, and
  • A wide variety of simple-to-use apps and controls via phone or computer.

How we help

Imagine the first impression you’ll make by being able to program your security gate or boom to open automatically for a brand-new client, or how much you can improve productivity if the truck you’re waiting on to deliver urgent materials doesn’t have to wait until someone with authority can let them in.

At Smart Access Solutions we are access, parking, driveway and facility experts, and have the deep experience, knowledge and expertise to

  • Identify the most suitable access control solutions for your needs and budget, and
  • Match you with the ideal access control products, including installation, set up and training should you need it.

Most importantly, we’ll look beyond the obvious to ensure you’ve got a solution that’s going to last the distance.

Are you a facilities manager, strata manager, developer or project manager?

Having worked on projects and upgrades of varying size and scale, we understand the pressure you’re under.  Let us step you through the options and show you how Smart Access Solutions can help to improve

  • Your operations
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Profitability, and
  • Service delivery.

Quality solutions need quality products

We only provide access control solutions featuring world-class products that are reliable, well-made and COMPETITIVELY PRICED.

For that reason, Smart Access Solutions proudly supplies and installs Interity, Inception and standalone products.

Get in touch with us and say good-bye to wasted time once and for all!