Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Revolutionising vehicle access control

When it comes to securing parking facilities and tracking vehicle access, property managers and security professionals require the absolute cutting edge of technology. Traditional vehicle management methods often struggle with bottlenecks, security breaches, and inefficient data handling.

ANPR technology offers a robust solution by automating access control, enhancing security, and streamlining traffic flow, making it an indispensable tool for modern infrastructure.

What are ANPR cameras?

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are a sophisticated technology that uses cameras to capture and read vehicle licence plates. It employs Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to convert images of plates into readable text. 

This technology is pivotal for automatic vehicle identification and access control, offering significant benefits such as heightened security, rapid access processing, and efficient traffic management by instantly checking each plate against a database of registered vehicles.

How do ANPR cameras work?

An Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera simplifies parking management by capturing and analysing vehicle license plates at both the entry and exit of a car park.   When positioned strategically by a professional installer, the camera quickly identifies license plates through advanced image processing and optical character recognition (OCR).   This data is cross-checked against a central database of pre-registered vehicles or permit holders, allowing automated access control. The system grants or denies entry based on authorisation status, raising or keeping barriers closed accordingly.   Simultaneously, each access event is logged for tracking and monitoring purposes, providing valuable insights for stakeholders including:
  • Parking management including entry and exit times
  • Payment enforcement or parking revenue
  • Security enhancement by using a black list feature to prevent unwanted users to enter the car park
Integration with other technologies, like payment kiosks and monitoring platforms, makes ANPR a comprehensive solution for streamlined vehicle access. Here are some other key highlights of ANPR technology:

Camera technologies

ANPR systems can be equipped with a variety of camera technologies including infrared for low-light conditions, high-resolution for capturing clear images at various speeds, and even cameras with night vision capabilities, ensuring 24/7 functionality.

Integration with other systems

ANPR technology can be integrated with existing access control and parking management systems to provide a comprehensive security and management solution, enhancing the overall infrastructure of the facility.

What are the applications of ANPR?

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software has many benefits in commercial settings:

  • Access control for permit holders: Streamlines entry and exit for authorised vehicles in restricted areas.
  • Car parking management: Enhances the efficiency of parking operations by automating vehicle identification and slot allocation.
  • Insights on revenue and data analysis of car park usage: Provides valuable analytics for optimising pricing and usage patterns.
  • Tracking time in a car park: Ensures accurate billing and effective management of parking durations.
  • Security monitoring: Bolsters security by tracking and recording vehicle entries and exits in sensitive or restricted areas.

Camera technologies

ANPR systems automate the entry and exit processes in car parks, enabling touchless parking solutions that increase efficiency and reduce congestion. These systems also prevent unauthorised access by instantly identifying and restricting vehicles not registered in the system.

Security and access control

By integrating ANPR with security protocols, facilities can enforce stricter access control, ensuring only authorised vehicles enter sensitive areas. This capability is crucial for managing commercial environments and residential complexes alike.

Traffic management

Beyond security, ANPR is instrumental in traffic flow monitoring and toll collection, assisting in the seamless management of road usage and reducing the manpower typically required for these tasks.

Why is a Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) System essential in today’s world?

A License Plate Recognition (LPR) system is essential for efficiently managing traffic and ensuring organised parking. It employs advanced technology to secure vehicle arrangements by integrating with Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Utilising C++ as its core programming language, LPR can also be programmed using Node.js, Java, Python, Go, and C#. The system captures images and video streams, recognises licence plates, and converts them into text. Moreover, LPR is versatile enough to operate with various systems and interpret plates of different colours and fonts, including Latin and Arabic, enhancing its utility in diverse environments.

How can ANPR or LPR Software create an automated car parking system?

An automated car parking system, enhanced with ANPR or LPR software, streamlines the parking process by efficiently accommodating a high volume of cars of various sizes and shapes within a reduced area. 

These sensors track the entry, duration, and exit times of each vehicle, integrating this data with a central server managed by POLIS software. A setup in this fashion ensures that transaction details are accurately recorded and shared with all relevant stakeholders, optimising both space and operational efficiency.

Why Choose Smart Access Solutions?

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