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License Plate Recognition Systems
Automatic number Plate Recognition Technology in Sydney (ANPR SOFTWARE)

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology also know as Licence Plate Recognition Technology is used to develop data of vehicle location. To read the registration plates of vehicles ANPR uses optical character recognition technology. Special cameras are used by the police department to identify the number plate and check whether the license is registered to that number or not. It is also useful in tracking current traffic.

ANPR software is very useful for legal proceedings, traffic management and road safety. This software helps police in the investigation and finding lost cars.

Why is license plate recognition camera essential in today’s world?

License plate recognition or LPR is generally used for managing the traffic. LPR is also used for the proper arrangement of cars in the parking area. We take proper care that your cars are well managed, and we give high-level security assurance by associating ITS industries to LPR technology.

Automatic license plate recognition source code: The basic language used for OpenALPR is C++ it can be programmed using Node.js, Java, Python, Go and C#. ALPR has a library which observes images and videos which are recorded and then stream it to recognise the license plate. The characters of this licence plate are then printed in the form of text. This is how ALPR works.

License plate recognition software has the ability to operate with any system as well as any collected data. This software is able to recognise colour coded license plates. Some people have Latin and Arabic fonts used on their license plate, but this software is capable of reading those fonts as well.

What are the requirements of an automated car parking system?

A Parking Lot is considered to be good when the car can get parked easily as well as it can comfortably be drove away from parking. Automated car parking system manages to park a lot of cars of different sizes and shapes in the same area without any hassle and fuss. Automated car parking system uses a vertical style of parking to manage two cars in one place. In short, we can say that an automated car parking system is developed in such a way that it manages to decrease the area and volume of car parking.

Smart parking sensors: smart parking sensors are installed and positioned below the ground in the parking area. So whenever the car is parked in that particular area it will detect the presence of the car. Whenever the car gets parked due to its metallic mass the earth’s magnetic field changes and this senor gets to know whether the place is occupied or free. The time when the car visited and the duration of time it was parked will be recorded. All this information including payment will be delivered to a central server which will be operated by POLIS management software. Also, transaction information will be shared with all stakeholders.

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