Smart Access Solutions are CCTV Camera and CCTV System Experts for Business and Home Helping you capture every move 24/7

When it comes to security, cheap off-the-shelf cameras seldom do the job adequately when you really need them!

A Smart Access Solutions CCTV System puts you in the picture and are an ideal accompaniment to our automated gates and other security systems.  CCTV monitoring serves as a huge deterrent to crime, it shows you mean business.

Our CCTV Systems can interface with access control systems including automated gates, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and even two-way conversation intercoms allowing you to monitor your site from anywhere in the world!

Ask us for details on our CCTV packages to suit a wide range of needs and budgets.

Commercial and Home CCTV Services

  • CCTV Wired Cameras
  • CCTV Systems
  • CCTV Wireless Cameras
  • CCTV Upgrades, Repairs & Maintenance

Where our CCTV systems can be installed

  • Private homes or residential complexes
  • Small businesses and industrial units
  • Car parks and shopping centres
  • Commercial and industrial buildings and driveways
  • Automated gate and loading dock access areas
  • Key business access points, such as entries and exists
  • Cash handling and stock areas
  • Wherever you need an extra set of eyes!

Latest Package Deals

To find out about our latest value packages or for a tailored package designed around your needs and budget, get in touch to arrange a FREE quote.

About Our CCTV Cameras and Systems

We recommend, supply and install [name of brand/sXXXXXX], world leaders in CCTV technology.

  • Reliable and dependable
  • Integration capabilities
  • Ultra-high resolution
  • Easy and intuitive CCTV surveillance through your phone or computer
  • Options including smart detection to reduce false alarms (such as small animals)

 Why Smart Access Solutions for your CCTV Supply and Installation

If you’re after a seriously effective CCTV solution that’s going to deliver you genuine value for money, Smart Access Solutions are your superior choice.  We have been in the access control, automation and surveillance business for a long time so have the expertise and the products to give you the CCTV monitoring you need, including solutions for homes and small businesses, to large-scale car parks and shopping centres.

  • All backed by our 24 month warranty on products and workmanship
  • FAST & expert Installation
  • Designed around your security and access needs, and BUDGET
  • Trained professionals will handle your installation and maintenance needs
  • Expert advice every step of the way.

Choosing the right CCTV camera and system

One of the easiest ways to blow money on security, is having a poorly matched CCTV camera and CCTV system.  At Smart Access Solutions, we’re committed to finding you the ideal fit, will make sure it’s installed right, integrated with other security equipment and needs, and will look for ways for you to SAVE money.

Don’t leave hiding spots or traffic areas unmonitored!

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How our CCTV cameras and systems can help

  • Keep track of deliveries around the clock
  • Know what’s going on at your home or business when you’re not there or sleeping
  • Improve access and traffic control in driveways and carparks by seeing what’s happening on the ground
  • Integrate with security gates, access controls and other security initiatives
  • And 100’s of other ways our CCTV systems can keeping your home and business safer and running smoothly!

Need CCTV maintenance or a CCTV repair?
Our trained technicians can help with many leading brands and models, and keep your CCTV system operating efficiently.  Talk to us [link] about our CCTV service options and CCTV maintenance plans.

Make your home, business or commercial premises a more secure and efficiently run place to be.