Car Park Management Solutions in Sydney

with reliable and smart ticketless Car Parking Services

A Complete Overview of Car Park Management Systems

With the increasing number of vehicles on the road, parking has become the talk of the town. These days, parking a car has become a more difficult job than driving a car. Today, you don’t need to worry about the finer details, thanks to Parkezi’s or Smart Access Solutions car parking solutions.

At Smart Access Solutions we are offering one of the most advanced car park management systems. We specialise in smart car parking systems, creating essential communication between humans, car hardware, and software.

Conventional Car Park Management Systems

Car Park Management Systems are a sophisticated solution designed to efficiently manage parking facilities. It encompasses a variety of technologies and processes to optimise the use, security, and management of parking spaces. The key components and features of a typical Car Park Management System include access control and payment systems with automated entry and exit barriers. With the addition of security and surveillance ensuring the safety of the users, and management systems in place to monitor permits, occupancy and maintenance. 

By implementing a CRMS, parking facility operators can enhance efficiency, improve user experience, maximise revenue, and ensure the security and proper maintenance of their parking spaces.

Advanced Features of Our Car Park Management System

Our advanced car park management systems offer numerous innovative features designed to improve efficiency and user satisfaction:

  • Eco-friendly paperless system: Eliminate the need for physical tickets with our ticketless technology.
  • Windcave credit card Reader for credit card payments: Allows for convenient payment upon exit using credit cards.
  • Electronic receipts: Customers can opt to receive their payment receipts electronically via their mobile phones by scanning a QR code.
  • Indoor and outdoor pay stations: Flexible payment options with pay stations available both indoors and outdoors.
  • Web-based software: Manage and edit allowed number plates or vehicles from anywhere, enhancing accessibility and control.
  • Membership card integration: Link with membership cards from clubs and pubs for free parking benefits.

LED screens: Display parking fees and advertisements at entry points, providing a modern touch and additional revenue opportunities.

Enhancing Efficiency with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Our car park management systems utilise Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to enhance efficiency. This technology automates the entry and payment process, allowing for seamless and quick parking experiences.

Our ANPR Entry System is all automated, with the drivers not having to wait to pay bills and to verify reservations. The number plate is automatically scanned, irrespective of weather and climate the car park is always reserved, and the number plate is scanned correctly. 

Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system is so accurate that cars are recognised from metres away, and allowed to pass through the parking gate, eliminating waiting times. Our Parking Management system can manage up to 8 gates at a time.

How Our Smart Car Park Management Technology Works

Our car parking areas which are visited frequently, have the car number stored in the system allowing for pre-booking. Number plates of the cars are then scanned, and entry is permitted with the electronic permit board. For other places, where the cars are dense in parking slots like shopping centres and hospitals, car numbers are scanned and integrated with the POS.

Implementing Our System in Various Sectors

Our car park management systems are versatile and can be implemented across various sectors, including:


Our car park management systems in hotels enhance guest experience with ANPR technology for seamless entry and exit. Personalised recognition for VIPs and frequent guests, along with automated parking space allocation, reduces wait times and ensures convenience.


Our car park management systems in warehouses utilise ANPR technology to streamline truck entry and exit, ensuring efficient loading and unloading operations. By integrating with booking systems, it allows precise scheduling and real-time updates, reducing wait times and optimising logistics.

Residential Buildings

Our car park management systems in residential buildings offer assigned parking spaces for residents and visitors, reducing conflicts and ensuring each resident has a reserved spot. Guest parking is managed efficiently with temporary permits and real-time availability updates.

Commercial Areas

In commercial areas, our car park management systems provide robust access control for employees and VIP clients through pre-authorised number plate recognition. Flexible payment options, including credit card and electronic payments, enhance convenience.

Shopping Centres

Our car park management systems enhance the shopping experience by ensuring efficient traffic flow through ANPR systems at multiple entry and exit points, reducing bottlenecks. Integration with retail stores enables promotional offers and parking discounts for shoppers.


Airports benefit from our car park management systems by efficiently managing both short-term and long-term parking areas, catering to various traveller needs. Automated payment systems, including pre-booking and credit card payments, streamline the parking process.


In hospitals, efficient car park management systems streamline entry and exit for ambulances, emergency vehicles, and visitors using ANPR technology, ensuring quick access and reducing wait times.

The Benefits of Choosing Smart Car Park Solutions

Choosing our advanced car park management systems offers numerous benefits:

Reduced traffic and disputes

Minimises congestion and conflicts in parking areas.

Optimised utilisation

Ensures maximum use of available parking spaces.

Cost-effective solutions

Our systems are designed to be budget-friendly while delivering top-notch service.

Enhanced user experience

Provides a smoother, quicker parking experience with reduced waiting times.

Secure data management

Maintains car data with high levels of security, ensuring privacy and safety.

Advanced Analytics

Data analytics help to gain insights into usage patterns and identify areas for improvement.

Flexible Integration

Seamlessly integrate with existing systems and third-party applications.


Paperless operations and reduced idling times help to support environmental initiatives

With our latest Car Park Management system, your parking experience will be smoother and quicker, with waiting times ultimately reduced. The payment is made faster with multiple ways to pay, including:

  • Scan and Go barcodes that can be scanned by a smartphone and paid via credit card or a Parkezi account
  • Step and Go pay stations or
  • Tap and Go terminal at the exit station

Why Choose Smart Access Solutions for Your Parking Needs?

With Smart Access Solutions’ car park management systems, your parking experience in Sydney will be totally transformed to stay in step with modern requirements. Our innovative technologies guarantee a more organised, efficient, and user-friendly environment, making parking a hassle-free task.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main types of conventional car park management systems offered by Smart Access Solutions?

Smart Access Solutions offers conventional car park management systems, including: 

  • Ticketless parking system which includes ANPR camera technology to scan your plates and charge accordingly on exit
  • One and two way access control system which scans your licence plate on entry and exit. This will check your licence plate against the access list (white list) and grant you entry. Upon exit, your plate will be scanned and again with your parking timestamp and recorded on the portal. This will also give you a real time count of the car park to avoid overloading cars.
  • Ticketed parking which is required on some sites 

How does Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) enhance the efficiency of car park management?

ANPR technology automates the entry and payment process, allowing for seamless and quick parking experiences without the need for manual intervention.

What advanced features do Smart Access Solutions’ car park management systems include?

The advanced features include an eco-friendly paperless system, DPS credit card readers, electronic receipts, indoor and outdoor pay stations, web-based software, membership card integration, and LED screens.

In which sectors can Smart Access Solutions’ car park management systems be implemented?

Our car park management systems can be implemented in hospitals, shopping centres, commercial areas, residential buildings, airports, and many other commercial applications.

What are the benefits of using Smart Access Solutions’ car park management systems?

The benefits include reduced traffic and disputes, optimised utilisation of parking spaces, cost-effective solutions, enhanced user experience, and secure data management.