Car Park Mangement Systems

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Car Park Management Solutions in Sydney

With the increasing number of vehicles on the road, parking has become talk of the town. These days, parking a car has become a more difficult job than driving a car. No more with the smart car parking solutions. At  Smart Access Solutions we are offering one of the most advanced car park management systems. The smart car parking system is the communication between Humans, Car Hardware, and Software.

Our car park management System can be used by several sectors like hospitals, malls, commercial areas, and residential buildings etc. Conventional CRMS functions mainly function on two major access control system:

1. Radio Remote Access
In RRS, the system scans the car for its plate number to grant access to a pre-stored list of vehicles.

2. Ticket Based Car System
This system is the most commonly used in fee parking system. Every vehicle entering the car park will be issued with a ticket with time of entrance stamped on the ticket. The ticket needs to be scanned before exiting the car park to pay for the calculated fees as per the time spent.

Smart Car Park Management System

Our Smart Car park management systems guarantee to reduce the amount of traffic, drivers dispute and frustration along with the guarantee to optimise the utilisation of car park, due to the latest innovative technologies which are not only cost effective but are proven to provide the more convenient and improved services to the end users.

Our ANPR Entry System is all automated, and hence the drivers do not have to wait to pay bills and to verify your reservation. Your number plate is automatically scanned. Irrespective of weather and climate, your car parking is still reserved, and the number plate is scanned correctly. Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system is so accurate that your car is recognized from meters, and is allowed to pass through the parking gate, without having the cars to wait even for a minute. Our Parking Management system can manage up to 8 gates at a time.

Car Park Management System

Our car parking areas where you visit frequently, have the car number stored in the system if you have already pre booked. Number plates of the cars are then scanned, and the entry is permitted with the electronic permit board. For other places, where the cars are dense in parking slots like malls and hospitals, your car number is scanned and integrated with the POS.

With our latest Car Park Management system, your parking experience will be smoother and quicker. The payment is automatically made, and the waiting time is ultimately reduced. Not only the waiting time, but the parking slots remain well organized and secured. Usually, it takes longer to take your car just out of the parking but not with our innovative systems. Also, the data of cars remain maintained with full security. Here are are some of the features.