DIVA.3 – Compact and Efficient Road Barrier System

DIVA.3 – Compact and Efficient Road Barrier System

Introducing DIVA.3, a compact road barrier system ideal for passages up to 3 meters. Featuring an integrated control unit and a 24V brushless motor, this system offers superior performance in terms of speed and motor lifespan, compared to traditional barriers.

Product Description:

Experience the advanced capabilities of the DIVA.3 Road Barrier System:

  • Innovative Design: Suitable for up to 3m wide passages, with an integrated CP.DIVA control unit and manual operation release.
  • Brushless Motor Technology: Ensures enhanced torque and opening speed, along with extended motor life.
  • Emergency Power Options: Can be powered by two 12V 21Ah batteries or operate completely off-grid with the KSUN solar panel system.
  • Safety and Compliance: Meets strict safety standards, essential for pedestrian passages (EN12445 and EN 12453).
  • Technical Specifications: 24Vdc motor, opening time of 9s, continuous use at 40°C, and a noise level below 70 dB.
  • Weight and Durability: Weighing 55kg and with an IP44 protection rating, it’s built for robust performance.

DIVA.3 is a perfect solution for efficient traffic control in commercial and industrial settings, where space and speed are crucial.

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