BISON 45 OTI – Heavy-Duty Industrial Sliding Gate System

BISON 45 OTI – Heavy-Duty Industrial Sliding Gate System

Elevate industrial security with the BISON 45 OTI, a formidable sliding gate system. This high-capacity motor supports gates up to 4500 kg with a three-phase inverter for smooth operation, ensuring robust performance and maximum safety in industrial environments.

Product Description:

The BISON 45 OTI represents the pinnacle of heavy-duty gate automation:

  • Exceptional Capacity: Designed for gates up to 4500 kg, making it ideal for large industrial applications.
  • Dynamic Performance: Equipped with a three-phase inverter, offering an adjustable opening speed of 7-19 m/min.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Includes an anti-crushing device and safety micro-switch, prioritizing safety alongside performance.
  • Built to Last: With an IP44 rating and operating temperature range of -20°C to +50°C, it’s built for endurance in challenging conditions.
  • Quiet Operation: Maintains a low noise level (<70 dB), ensuring minimal disturbance.
  • Installation Flexibility: Accommodates various installation requirements and includes detailed instructions for precise setup.
  • Insurance and Compliance: Covered by an R.C. insurance policy and compliant with CE Directives, ensuring quality and safety standards.

The BISON 45 OTI is the ultimate choice for industrial facilities requiring reliable, safe, and powerful gate automation.

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