The Benefits of Boom Gates

Benefits of Boom Gates

When it comes to controlling vehicle traffic, it’s hard to go past the simplicity and effectiveness of a boom gate.  From shopping centre car parks to government, commercial and residential complexes, they’re your trusted sentry, guarding your driveway and car park access 24/7.

Here at Smart Access Solutions we’re boom gate installation and car park access control system specialists, and find people are often surprised how relatively inexpensive boom gates are to install (assuming you choose the right one), and how suited they are to a wide range of budgets and needs as they can be

  • operated manually or
  • integrated as part of an automated car park system making life easier for you and delivering many unexpected benefits.

Why choose a boom gate system?

To help you decide if boom gates are worth it for you, here are some of the many ways boom gate access solutions and systems can help improve your operations:

  1. Improved security
    Boom gates give you control of who can enter or leave your property.
  2. Rapid and fast throughput of vehicles
    Modern boom gates and automated car park access solutions means traffic can flow faster, meaning less bottlenecks and headaches for you.
  3. Integration with ANPR (automatic number plate recognition systems)
    ANPR has completely changed the way we move around in our vehicles and how boom gates are operated.  Not only do boom gates integrated with ANPR offer improvements in security, recording of car number plates gives you more control and monitoring of who’s coming and going, including unimpeded car park entry for VIP guests, staff and others who need clear and fast access to your car park.
  4. Low maintenance, reduced car park operating costs
    When you have a properly designed boom gate access system, such as one by Smart Access Solutions featuring Beninca boom gates, operating costs are often minimised as the system allows you to cut down on wasted time and frustration of staff having to provide car park access, not to mention the security risks.
    Reporting on car park operations is also significantly simpler and more accurate.
  5. Save on space
    Believe it or not, a boom gate doesn’t need as much ground space than swinging and sliding gates, making it a great space-saving solution in many settings when floor area is at a premium.  You do, however, need to consider ceiling height and overhead obstructions including wires.
  6. A wide range of safety features
    Depending on the brand and style you choose, boom gates offer a great number of safety features, including high visibility stickers, warning lights and optional audible alert.
  7. Turn your car park into a cash cow

Car parks offer an attractive opportunity to earn income or recover operating costs.  The right boom gate and car park management system allows you to offer a variety of parking options from free to paid, including ticketless parking and automatic licence plate recognition at entry and exit.

Where can boom gates be used?

If you need to restrict car park access, a boom gate and boom gate access control system could be the ideal solution for you.  Settings, where boom gates are commonly used, include schools, parks, airports, shopping centres, government buildings, gated communities, and hotels, to name but a few.

Where possible, do bring in a car park solutions specialists, like Smart Access Solutions, in the early car park planning stages to help optimise car park operations and boom gate efficiency.

Are boom gates safe?

Boom gates have stood the test of time and now include a wide range of features that enhance safety, including sensors.

Here at Smart Access Solutions, our boom gates also come with a manual override which means boom gates can be opened up, taking away many of the worries should the unexpected occur.

Wanting the best commercial boom gate solution?

To make sure you’re getting the right level of security, safety and value, you need the appropriate boom gate or barrier solution for your premises.

At Smart Access Solutions we partner with Beninca Australia in our car park access solutions because their boom gates are hard-working, have exceptional features, are incredibly robust and reliable, and is a brand you can trust for quality and EXCEPTIONAL value.

Does experience matter when it comes to the benefits of a boom gate?

When looking for a car park solution, experience can make an enormous difference in the effectiveness of your boom gate and car park operations.  As an example, we have installed our access control systems at various locations across the country, with some of our most recent being at Sydney Zoo, Aldi and Bunnings warehouse, so we know the ins and outs of car park operations across countless industries and applications and, most importantly, how to make the most of your car park budget.

If you’d like to know more about installing a boom gate at your premises, contact our car park solutions team today to find out more or to arrange a FREE quote.